Machining In-house

Lathing Capabilities

able to turn material up to 5’ in length, 8” in diameter

Milling capabilities

able to mill material up 42” in width, digital readouts for accuracy and power feeds for repetitive drills/mills.

Vertical sawing capabilities

able to cut material up to 20” wide and 20’ long able to miter cut at any angle from 45 degrees to 90 degrees auto power feeds for multiple cuts of the same lengths

Brake capabilities

150 Ton mechanical 30 Hp 12 ft x 3.25in Bed

Fabrication In-house

Welding Capabilities

250, 300 and 400 AMP MIG welders – used to weld steel and aluminum from carbon sheet steel to heavy 2 and 3 inch T1 plate steel. 
200 and 300 AMP TIG welders capable of welding steel, aluminum, and Stainless Steel. We also do brazing, soldering, and stick welding as needed. 
Stud welder – for attaching stud mounts  Learn more ...

Plasma Cutting, Grinding, Media Blasting

Able to cut parts and shapes from Aluminum and Steel on the fly and as needed.
Ability to finish parts and weldments.
Finish edges and clean edges for welding and powder coating.
Paint and Powder Preparation.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Able to cut material up to 1 inch thick.
Capable of cutting sheets 5 foot by 10 foot.
High definition for close tolerances.

Manufacturing by our Partners

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