Purpose Built Trailers

Speed Radar Trailers

We have designed and built rugged, speed radar trailers made from high grade steel and aluminum, sourced from US mills, and welded by professionals. The trailers come complete with everything except the radar sign or message sign itself including batteries, solar panels, battery chargers, etc.

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Communication Trailers

These trailers are built to accept satellite array antennas. They come complete with 1000 watt generators, fuel tanks, fan or air conditioning systems. All steel welded chassis with aluminum diamond plate decking.

Portable Stop Light Trailers

BTI has designed and built various trailers for the portable stop light industry. These trailers are capable of lifting heavy loads using a winch and cable, but transport in a low safe position.

Custom Trailer Kitchens

Barbeque Grilling Trailer

BTI has utilizes the Tungensten Inert Gas (TIG) method of welding many of its projects. We shown a great aptitude at TIG welding and we are considered one of the best in the area.

Heavy Duty Smoker Trailers

BTI has designed and built traielers that are capable of carrying and utilizing some of the best smokers in the country.