Utility Vehicles

BUV - Blazing Utility Vehicle

The BUV is an electric multi-functional vehicle that can be utilized as both a tool and a recreational device. Incorporation of the most contemporary mechanical and electronic technologies allows this vehicle to perform efficiently and quietly. The BUV is categorized "environmentally friendly" because there are no harmful emissions. Unlike a gas powered vehicle, the BUV is quiet and will not scare your horses. Pictured below is the BUV with the Mill Creek manure spreader attachment that is powered by biodegradable vegetable hydraulic oil.


The PC122 is a turbo diesel powered hydrostatic 4-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Steered utility vehicle designed to have a 3000 lb payload capacity and to pull a 4000 lb trailer. The PC122 will travel at speeds up to 18 mph and has a 40% gradeability with shift on the fly coordinate or crab steering. Winner of the 2005 INNOVA Award for Best New Product

Innova Award