Our Turn-Key Solutions

Laser Cutting

BTI uses several local laser cutters to create parts based on our electronic drawings. Capabilities exist for Flat Bed cutting and laser cutting in 3D space with 6 degrees of freedom.

High Definition Plasma Cutting and Gas Burning

BTI uses Hi-Def Plasma cutters and Gas Burning vendors to burn details from a variety of materials including materials with min yield strengths up to 100 ksi.

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting provides exact parts made from thick materials with detailed edges.

Forming and Bending Services

Forming and bending capabilites are vast and inclusive for all materials and thicknesses.

CNC Machining Services

BTI utilizes a number of machine shops with varying degrees of technical expertise and equipment types. We can have machined parts made from all steels and their alloys, aluminums, and stainless steel materials.

Punching and Press Services

Punching and press capabilites are vast and complete.